Lessons with everyday objects

Here is an example of an object lesson:

The objects are a piece of coal and a diamond. A diamond is one of the most expensive and precious of gems. Do you know how a diamond is made? It starts with a piece of coal, just like this. How could this piece of coal ever become a diamond? Deep in the earth, extreme pressure and time compresses and makes a diamond. A diamond is the toughest of gems and is just as useful to industry as it is useful and beautiful as jewelry. If we want to become a diamond kind of person, then we must willingly put up with the trials and tribulations that shape and form our character.

A word picture or object lesson teaches a principle much more effectively than a lecture. It catches the imagination of the participants and helps bring emotions into the mix and makes the teaching much more effective.

Many of these object lessons were created for and by members of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Thanks for your contributions, friends.

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