Building Trust

Submitted by Amanda Nelson

The lesson is about trust.  You will need a bunch of building blocks, the wooden kind, not Lego’s or anything that locks together.  You can tape labels  on the blocks that build character like, caring for others, responsibility, fairness, service, being a good friend, truthfulness, etc.  (This is not necessary, but helpful)  Then as a group, build a tower together until its as high as you can build it.  Then have one person try to knock it down.  Ask them to try and do it in one kick or push.  Then tell them that you need to build it again.  Once that is done you can explain that just like trust in a person, it builds over time, but it only takes one kick (lie or broken promise) to destroy it all.  All trust is broken.  It also takes a long time to rebuild that trust once it has been broken.

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