windows of heaven

This is for a lesson on Malachi in the Old Testament and discussing the windows of heaven and that all things belong to God. First I will pass out some legos to each student. Each student is instructed to build a little house with a window in it.

In olden days it was a custom on feast days and weddings and other big celebrations for the rich people to open their upstairs windows and throw gold and silver coins to the people below. Maybe this is where the idea of “windows of heaven pouring down blessings” came from.

As the students build, I will ask them who owns the legos. I can ask for all of them back, or a few back or give them to permission to build something of their own choice, or like now they are building something that I ask for. But either way, they don’t need to feel like they are losing anything because the legos all belong to me.

Ask them to each give 2 bricks back and when they do – give them a handful more in return.

When they finish their houses, make a few two story versions as an illustration of the people opening their upstairs windows.

Continue the discussion and reading the scriptures in Malachi. Discuss how all things belong to God just like the legos belonged to me and then discuss tithing and offerings. Build the lesson from there…….

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