A little contribution

I had a baking disaster today and since I’ve been working on this web page, an object lesson immediately came to mind from the disaster. I wouldn’t reccommend intentionally making something missing an ingredient, but if you have an accident sometime, then you have an object lesson all ready to go. Here is the story: The first batch of muffins were light and fluffy and everyone fights for the last one. The second batch seems to be taking a long time to bake and doesn’t look the same as the first. When they cool off they are hard and heavy. It is discovered that the missing ingredient, baking powder, is the one that is used in the smallest proportion. Yet, it was of critical importance. If you are part of an organization and think your contribution is only a tiny part, you may be underestimating your importance to the organization. You never know where your volunteer help is making a big difference to someone.

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