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Foundation and Destruction

This lesson requires the game of Stak Attack or Jenga. Those are the games that stack up wooden blocks in a weave pattern and then you pull out the blocks and re stack them on top until the tower tumbles. … Continue reading

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Arm in a sling

Source: Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley Have a volunteer come up and put his/her arm in a sling then stand there while you give the rest of the object lesson. Ask the group or volunteer: What would happen to your arm … Continue reading

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This is a good object lesson to illustrate the scriptures about testing God’s plan by tying it out first. This is a difficult task because it requires obedience and commitment to a standard, and many people look for an excuse … Continue reading

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The useful part of a pencil is in the middle. And in order for it to be useful, something sharp has to wear away the outer covering. Let’s compare that to a humble heart that is found in each of … Continue reading

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